How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs Using Vacuums

Bed bugs can be quite a pain because they are hard to eliminate. You might be wondering if you can use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate bedbugs; yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner. However, one thing you should know is that bedbugs cannot be eliminated using a vacuum cleaner alone. You have to incorporate other methods of elimination like insecticide treatment.

Vacuum cleaning only helps to:

  • Eliminate insecticide resistant bedbugs
  • Remove clustered bedbugs or those that have been isolated
  • Control bedbugs in areas or materials where use of an insecticide is not possible or safe
  • Reduce the use of an insecticide in badly infested areas.
  • Remove dead bugs, dirt, shed skin and any other debris that will help to improve effectiveness of other treatments like insect treatment.

When using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of bedbugs, timing is of essence. It is best to vacuum them when they are disturbed or when they are in clumps. If you vacuum them when they have already gone back to their hiding areas, it is hard to remove them because they cling tightly to surfaces and fabrics. As for eggs, it is very hard to remove them since they are coated with a substance that adheres to most surfaces.

Get the most suitable vacuum cleaner

Choose a HEPA filter system vacuum cleaner because it will keep bedbugs allergens from being air borne when you vacuum your surfaces. In addition, a crevice tool is an important accessory when you are removing bedbugs from their hiding areas like corners, crevices, cracks and edges and seams. When vacuuming such areas, use the strongest possible suction power the use the crevice tool to crush them and suck them into the tool. For this to go well, place the crevice tool on the surface from where you want to remove bedbugs at a 45 degree angle.

Use a dedicated vacuum

Bedbugs or their eggs might be caught in the vacuum cleaner’s hose or even on the brush bristles. Worse still, they might survive in the dust bag and then they end up in a new position in the house. Make sure you check the brush after use to ensure there are none. To be on the safer side, vacuum a small amount of an inorganic pesticide like boric acid to ensure that any remaining bug or eggs are killed. Any vacuum cleaner used for bedbug removal should only be dedicated to that job to reduce chances of spreading bedbugs to other areas.

Target your vacuuming

Vacuum any visible bug and moreso their eggs. Some of these sites that need vacuuming are;

The intersection between the floor and the baseboard

Floor especially if it is carpeted

Infested cracks especially in furniture, walls, bed frames and the walls where infestation is heavy.


Vacuuming is the best way to remove bed bugs that are on your clothes and your shoes. Make sure once you are done with vacuuming, the bag should be sealed with a tape and placed in a plastic bag for disposal. If you have enough space in your compound, you can burn the bag together with its contents to make sure all the bugs and their eggs are killed.

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